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MC Dee Shy (Rapper, Mentor & Entrepreneur) is young an energetic Rapper from the United Kingdom who has been involved in the Hip Hop culture from since the 1980’s. During her career a serious vehicle accident resulted in a shift in the musical direction of the lyrical contents of her songs.


Today she is well known for the delivery of dynamic rhyming skills within a Reggae/Rap/Hip Hop theme which can be heard over heavy and fiercely strong rhythm tracks and at the same time her music still relates to the younger audiences of today. Blessed with a fiery delivery Dee Shy clearly executes a strong message that remains close to her heart and embedded within in the minds of the youths of this decade. Music today has such an influence on the young and old this is why this tool is so important to uplift to be conscious of how we deliver what we do in this decade. knowing that this is a platform for us to present are talents and gifts in such a way which is meaningful and being so creative as an artist.


"Remember that you are an influencer, what we put out to our audience will influence the young and old, that's why I stay true to the game. Be conscious be level-headed and know the game."

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