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06-2014 - Soul Garden's 'Dimensions' feat Rebecca Neale

02-2014 - Out Mar-2014 - Blak Prophetz's Butterflies (World Peace)

10-2013 - Blak Prophetz  "What The F## - Part 1"

10-2013 - The Soul Garden's new release "Addicted To You"...

09-2013 - Out Late Autumn - 'It's You', The new Austrailian hit single by Will Francis!!

01-2013 - The Soul Garden's new release with video "Don't Stop"...

08-2012 - André Espeut feat Soul Garden

08-2014 - Fonda Rae is BACK!! with the 'Funk Division's Producers..

08-2014 - Fonda Rae is BACK!! with the 'Funk Division's Producers..

That's righty, Fonda is back and has joined forces with the Funk Division producers Mark Anthony (Blak Prophetz) & Derek King to release a bunch of awesome new songs. Fonda Rae can be billed as the "woman of 1,000 voices" in music. Chances are if you own even a small sampling of classic disco you have a Fonda Rae tune in your collection. The diminutive beauty hails from Ossining, New York, born to parents of diverse nationalities. She grew up in an environment that encouraged many artistic pursuits.

Fonda is well know for a few classic dance track in the early 80's. Classics like 'Touch Me', 'Over Like A Fat Rat' and many others. Fonda has a unique voice that makes you have to stop and listen. She has experienced the real disco and funk era and was also one of the coconuts from the classic band 'Kid Creole & the Coconuts. In addition to developing her vocal talents, Fonda became proficient on keyboards, violins, and both trap and percussion drums. Although Fonda has been swept into the entertainment business, her heart and skills also belong to other artistic endeavors such as: specializing in wood work, studio engineering, set designing, graphic artist, interior & exterior designing, mural painting, as well as fashion and jewelry designing. Following her natural instincts, Fonda embarked upon a singing career that has already produced an enviable reputation.


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